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Cinnamon chili

I started out trying to make taco soup.  Alas, I couldn't find any taco seasoning, so I switched to making chili soup.  I reached for the cumin,  measured some out into my hand, and dumped it into the soup.  Then I realized it smelled funny.  Kind of sweet...  and cinnamony...   CRAP!

It's actually pretty good.  It's not sweet, and it's actually a bit hot.

Follow the basic taco soup recipe, but instead of taco seasoning, add 3 Tblsp of chili powder, 1 Tblsp of cumin, 1 Tblsp of cinnamon, and a dash of cayenne pepper (to taste).  I also used 3 cans of beans, one each of pinto, kidney and navy, rather than the usual 2 cans of pinto beans.
Tags: cooking, d'oh!, food
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