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When life gives you firsts, you make first aid.

After my roommate's dog tore her nail and started bleeding everywhere and I couldn't find the first aid supplies, I decided we needed to get a proper animal first aid kit, so we went shopping today.

I'm rather surprised at the difficulty in obtaining a good commercial animal first aid kit.  Petco doesn't carry any such thing, nor does WalMart or Target.  Amazon has a few, but they're massively overpriced for what they come with.  Human first aid kits are relatively cheap, but they come with tons of stuff that are useless on animals, like Band-Aids and Tylenol (which is toxic to many animals).  So the only real solution was to build our own.

Here's what we've stocked in ours:
Large and small gauze pads
Gauze roll bandage
Flexible adhesive tape in several sizes
Cloth tape
Waterproof tape
Small package of cotton swabs
Antibiotic ointment
Pain relieving first aid spray
Bottle of hydrogen peroxide
Bottle of hand sanitizer
Bottle of eye wash
Styptic powder
Digital rectal thermometer
Plastic covers for thermometer
Small tube K-Y (for the thermometer)
Tick removal scoop

All this fits nicely into a Sterilite 7.2 Qt clear plastic container.

I should probably add a trauma pad, a small package of cotton balls, one of those emergency "space" blankets and a first aid manual for animals.  Can anyone think of anything else I've missed?
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