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Riiiiight. What's a cubit?

Weather forecast indicates it's supposed to rain starting tonight all the way through at least next Monday. Ugh.

I was really hoping the gardener would be able to come by tomorrow to clean up the property. But if it rains, the yard will be too wet to mow. It REALLY needs to be mowed. Small animals are beginning to be engulfed by the back yard...

(It got this way partly from my own apathy, and partly because it would rain everytime I felt like doing anything. Eventually it got to the too-scary-to-venture-out-into-the-yard state. The front yard isn't too bad, it's Zoysia, which dies off in the winter. The back yard, which was Kentucky Bluegrass, seem to have been taken over by clover, despite the fact I used "weed and feed" last fall.)

If he can't come by tomorrow, he won't be able to come by again until next Wednesday. D'OH!
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