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Storm Damage

Fortunately nothing appear to have hit the house.  The only real property damage, other than downed limbs, is a badly twisted fence panel that will have to be replaced.

The power went out about 8:45 last night and stayed out until 6 or 7 this morning.  Having no power at night isn't that big a deal, except the well pump is electric and there's no manual backup.  No power means no water, which means no toilets, no bath, no faucets.

This limb was a good 50 feet away from the nearest tree.  The goats have already been out nibbling on the leaves.  I think I'll leave it there until they've finished.

Another chunk of our ancient maple came down.  One of the limbs is badly rotten and needs the attention of a certified arborist if we want to save the tree.

The damaged fence and the limb that hit it.  Fortunately this kind of fence is fairly easy to repair, just yank the nails holding the damaged panel, then nail up a new panel.  We've got some spares.  The hard part is going to be disentangling the fence panel from all the ivy that's grown over it.

Yet another limb snapped in two by the winds last night.  This one is going to be hard to remove, as it's still partly attached to the tree well out of anyone's reach.

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