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  • What the heck is all this stuff in the farmer's field? Too granular for ash, too gray for sand.
  • Whatever that pile of gray stuff was in the field, the farmers are spreading it around now.
  • There's an enormous cloud of dust outside right now. Whatever that stuff is they're spreading in the field, it's floating over here.



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Nov. 3rd, 2010 05:39 pm (UTC)
Mmmm, the grey stuff in the field....ground clay maybe? It's good for plants (makes the soil more alkaline and retains water) and that would account for all the dust.

voted myself yesterday, I could give a rats ass about the candidates for the most part (Douche or Turd sandwich....vote or die!) but we had some interesting props up for vote in FL:

prop 1: proposal to end public funding for independant and underdog candidates (public funding requires an agreement by candidate on a contribution cap)

prop 4: proposal to require all large commercial development projects to be put up for a local public vote before being approved by zoning board

prop 5 and 6: proposals to restrict "creative" redistricting by incumbant candidates (AKA "Jerrymandering")

seriously, I'll lose what's left of my faith in the system if these votes have gone the wrong way :/

oh, and I support teaching Cthulean theory in highschool biology class.....Hail Cthulu, our lord and creator! :0D
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