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Extended warranty? I can't possibly lose!

The Sony Wega television my grandfather bought a few years ago has been acting up. The image on the screen starts shaking, and eventually it starts displaying the video (but not audio) from another channel. At first I thought the cable company was having fits, but then I noticed it was doing this with DVDs, VHS tapes, and my Prismiq media player.

TV repair is obscenely expensive, and it's even worse for in-home. The Wega weighs about 250 pounds, so it would have to be repaired in-home, there's no way I could ever hope to move it.

Luck was with me, though. I found the reciept. My grandfather purchased the TV on December 30, 2000. And he bought a 5 year extended warranty, so any repairs on it are covered. Woohoo!

I called to get it repaired, but first they want me to unplug it for at least 8 hours to see if that resets the circuitry. It'd be nice if that fixes it, but somehow I doubt it. But better it breaks down now than in 12 months after the warranty expires.
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