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Though her words are simple and few, listen, listen, she's calling to you

I replaced the 2 cup sunflower seed feeder with an enormous 4 quart feeder.  It's been up for about a week now and it's still over 1/3 full.  It also seems to be servicing more birds at once than the previous feeder.

I also bought a thistle seed feeder and the finches absolutely mob the thing.  It has perches for 6 birds, but it's usually full and fights frequently break out over space.  Fortunately they don't go through the seeds quite as fast as I feared; it takes about 4-5 days before the seed drops below the level of the upper perches.  They appear to be mostly Lesser Goldfinches.

The suet feeder is a favorite among the woodpeckers.  Few other birds seem to be interested in it, but the woodpeckers absolutely love it.  It takes them a little over a week to finish off one cake.  I've seen two different species of woodpecker, one fairly small, probably the Downy Woodpecker, and the other quite large with a brilliant red crown, possibly a Red-Naped Sapsucker.

The barn feeder finally got down below the level of the windows.  The birds are eating out of it, it's just that it's so large and holds so much seed it seems to take forever.  I emptied the last of my generic bird seed into the feeder this evening, hopefully it will last until spring.

This morning there were four cardinals, three male and one female, and I've seen at least two blue jays. The brilliant color of these birds against the white of the snow is very striking.  Naturally, every time the most colorful specimens are around, I don't have my shoes on and the snow is too deep to go out in slippers, so I can't take any pictures.

I'm hoping if I feed and care for these birds now that they will hang around come spring and eat up all the bugs.
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