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Baby bunnies!

I was using the grill on the front deck when I noticed my TV antenna on the back of the house was badly askew.  Rather than walk all the way around the building, I cut through the house and opened the back door...

And three little rabbits just froze.  So did I.  I spoke to them gently, apologizing for the interruption.  I started to close the door, but they took off running.  I figured I might as well fix the antenna, so I went out and aimed it in the correct direction, then I noticed the bunny nest up against the side of the house, just underneath my bedroom window.  And there was something small inside, moving around.  Baby bunnies!

I went inside and grabbed my camera, but by then the babies had settled down into the nest and weren't visible, but you could still see the fur lining moving.

I put a handful of sweet feed on the steps out back so the bunny momma has a little treat.
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