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Driving & stuff.

I had to drive all the way to Rancho Cucamonga today to do tool inventory for the company I work for. That's 179 miles round-trip.

I got to wonder around the under-construction Nong Shim noodle plant. They've got some rather facinating looking machinery there. I didn't get any free samples though.

After finishing my work there I went to the nearby Ontario Mills mall and walked around for a bit. Bought some blueberry tea and found some apple Altoids gum at Cost Plus. I ventured into the Virgin store, and found a copy of The Greatest American Hero on DVD, but got pissed off at the store because they were playing this HORRIBLE noise. It wasn't music, it sounded like a broken stereo system. Bleah. Cost them a sale.

I thought about stopping at Tom's Farm on the way home, but the place was way too crowded.

I stopped at Carl's Jr for lunch. They've got something new called Texas Toothpicks: onions & jalapenos fried up like onion rings. Spicy and tasty!

I got home and collapsed in bed for 2-1/2 hours. A least my back seems to have stopped hurting so bad.


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Mar. 9th, 2005 07:36 am (UTC)
Heh, last time I was in Cucamonga, it wasn't 'Rancho'. And there was nothing north of Foothill Blvd but chaparral, yuccas, and alluvial rocks and boulders. I suppose it looks quite a bit different nowadays. ;-)
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