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I figured out how to take screenshots with my cellphone, so I uploaded some images of my home screens.

Primary home screen on my HTC EVO 3D phone.

The date and agenda widget at the top is Business Calendar (which was an Amazon Free App of the Day a while back).  The Launcher button is Circle Launcher (also a FAotD), which displays an array of commonly used apps when pressed.  SoundHound ∞ (another FAotD) automatically identifies songs that it hears.  NeoCal Advanced (an app I actually paid for!) is an all-in-one scientific/financial/statistic/programmer/conversion calculator.  TeslaLED (free on the Android Market) turns the camera flash on and off, letting me use the phone as a flashlight.  Mighty Grocery (yet another FAotD is a great grocery list app that syncs to the cloud so I can have my grocery list on my phone, my tablet, and my SO's phone (the 8 means I have 8 items on my list).  Evernote (free on the Android Market) is a great cloud syncing note program also available for iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, WebOS, Windows, OS X and any OS with a web browser.  Voicemail is Sprint's upgraded voicemail app.  And of course, Firefox Mobile is the buggy mobile version of the Firefox web browser, but I still use it because it's the only mobile browser with AdBlock.  Messages, Mail, People and Maps are the Android stock SMS, e-mail, contact and Google Maps applications.

The green clock thingie is UTC Time (free from the Market) which, obviously, displays the UTC time.  DroidIris+ (another app I actually paid for!) is a great image search app.  Gallery is just the stock photo gallery app.  In the second row, you have the OpenSignalMaps signal meter (free from the Market), the HTC Sand Timer and HTC Quick Record widgets (both free from HTC).  In the third row, there's MyCoffeeCard (FAotD) which shows my Starbucks card balance (can you even buy a cup of coffee for that little?).  The App2SD (FAotD) widget displays the amount of RAM being used by the cache and the available storage on the phone.  Watchdog (FAotD) shows the CPU usage.  And the bottom widget is Google Music (free from the Market); I can access all my music through Google now.

Both widgets here are from Elecont's excellent rather poorly named Weather, USA Radar, Alerts, Quakes, Barometer (FAotD).  The top one shows the forecast for today, tomorrow and the following 2 days, while the clock shows the current conditions and the hourly forecast for the next 12 hours.  Both update the location automatically as I travel.

Just the "stock" HTC Stocks widget.

The HTC Photo Grid widget.  I made the thumbnail tiny because this one is showing naughty things.  Mostly bunnies.  Bunnies doing naughty things.  You can see the detailed version by clicking on it.  Very NSFW.

The top widget is LunaSolCal (free on the Market) and the bottom widget is Retro Camera+ (FAotD) and just launches one of the old-timey cameras like a Polaroid, pinhole camera, a Japanese toy camera, an old Soviet-made camera, and a 1950's East German SLR.

The top widget is TweetCasterPro (FAotD), one of the best Twitter apps I've seen.  In the middle is Tasks and Todos (FAotD), a to-do list that syncs with Google.  And the bottom is the Ad-Free (another app I actually paid for) Word of the Day and quick lookup widget.

Eat your heart out, Apple.
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