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My Little My Little Ponies

The Cutey Mark Crusaders, plus Cheerilee.

The whole herd.  Unfortunately this series of toys did not come with Tank, Opalescence or Gummy, but I do have Angel, Owloysius and Winona.

Took my roommate to lunch at McDonalds today and found they have MLP toys in the Happy Meals.  But you don't have to buy a Happy Meal, you can apparently get one of the toys free if you order any meal, or you can just pay $2 each.  They have 8 toys total, the Mane 6, Miss Cheerilee, and Lily Blossom (who?).

The person working behind the counter was a bit dense at first and gave me just one pony and a Transformers Starscream toy.  I finally managed to get through to her that I only wanted the ponies and she went out of her way to find one of each for me.  I got two free and had to pay for the other 5 of them; I didn't bother getting the Lily Blossom toy.

The Mane 6 from McDonalds.

Not their best side.  Rarity looks particularly goofy from the back.

The nodules on their heads are to attach the combs, which double as carabiners.  Twilight Sparkle seems to have a balance problem; I don't think anyone actually bothered to test their design before making them.

Friends enjoy hanging around together.

*clop* *clop* *clop*
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