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The antenna arrangement I was using had one major flaw: since the various UHF TV stations are in a 90 degree arc and my old UHF antenna was highly directional, pointing the antenna at one group of stations would cause reception problems with the others.

I missed the past three Fox Sundays, and had to throw away nearly a week's worth of mid-week programming because the shows were totally unwatchable.  It was well past time to upgrade my UHF antenna.

The one on top is my Winegard YA-1713 High Band VHF antenna.  It's pointed at Lincoln to pick up KLKN (ABC, Live Well Network) and KOLN (CBS, MyNetworkTV) as well as KUON (PBS/NET, PBS World, Create) in Ashland; all three still broadcast in the high VHF.

The lower one is an Antennas Direct DB8 multidirectional UHF antenna.  It's pointed towards Omaha to pick up KMTV (CBS, Live Well Network), WOWT (NBC, AccuWeather), and KETV (ABC, MeTV), and the shape of the antenna allows me to also get a strong signal from KXVO (CW, Azteca America) and KPTM (Fox, MyNetworkTV, Estrella TV) in Gretna and KHIN (PBS/IPTV, PBS Kids/Create, PBS World) in Red Oak, Iowa.

There are a handful of stations I still cannot receive.  I will never be able to get KFXL (Fox) in Lincoln, because it broadcasts on UHF and is a measly 14 kW.  I have never been able to get KYNE (PBS/NET) in Omaha, but they have a rather short transmitter (117 meters) and only broadcast at 200 kW, nor can I receive KBIN (PBS/IPTV) in Council Bluffs, Iowa, which also has a short tower (98 meters) and only 200 kW of power.  (Most of the UHF stations in this area use 500 to 1000 kW of power and have towers 400-500 meters tall).

I still need to replace the mast.  This one is much too flexible and wobbles around a lot in high winds.  I'm not really sure how to get anything this tall that is strong enough not to bend without being so heavy we can't lift it into place.
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