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July weather summary

At Omaha Eppley Field in the month of July:

The average maximum temperature is normally 87.3°F.  This July the average high was 96.9°.  26 days were above 90°.  The coolest high temperature of the month was 86° on the 8th, this is the warmest coldest-max temperature ever in Omaha in July.  This month saw the 3rd longest streak of 95°+ days, 15, and the 3rd longest streak of 103°+ days, 4.  A record high of 104° was set on July 6, a record high of 105° was set on the 22nd and a tied record high of 105° set on the 23rd.  The warmest day of the month was the 25th, 106°.  July 6th tied for the record warmest low of 78°, and July 24th set the record for warmest low, 84°.

The Cooling Degree Days average for July is 365, and the average for the entire year through July is 677.  This July alone saw 624 Cooling Degree Days, for a total of 1200 since January 1.  This year has seen the highest number of consecutive 80+° days, 87 so far, and the second highest number of consecutive 90°+ degree days, 50 (the record is 54 set in 1934).

The normal average rainfall for the month is 3.83" and the previous record low was 0.39" set in 1983.  This July saw only 0.01" of rain.  This is the driest July on record and tied for the 6th driest month on record.

Climate records for this location go back to 1871.



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Aug. 3rd, 2012 02:27 pm (UTC)
And at the other end of the scale, loganberrybunny recently noted that Aberdeen's apparently seen an exceptionally dull July: "It was duller than April -- itself the dullest April on record. It was duller than January, in fact, and that really takes some doing for northern Scotland!"

Much as I'd prefer the climate to be somewhat warmer and brighter than I've experienced this year, I recall the Southern Oregon summers being of that kind - when it's up above 100F, you really don't feel like doing much of anything except sprawling out on the relatively cool floor. ^_^;

Still, it's at least a reasonably pleasant day today. I even felt justified in leaving the coat at home! Now all I need is to encounter a field with dozens of happy bunnies. =:)
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