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LiveJournal really messed up the gallery.  It's a royal pain in the ass to upload and post images now.  Clicky on any of these to see the full image.

Macrophotograph of a screw.

Storms in the distance, and the water tower that was recently erected nearby.

I wish this bike helmet came in my size.

A couple toads I saw in a well head while looking at houses with a friend.

This show is boring!

Cool story, bro.


Something every Skyrim fan should have.

This tastes like ass.

Mmmmm...  Hooves....

I ordered a pork tenderloin sandwich from a local diner.  This is what I got.


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Aug. 7th, 2012 09:56 am (UTC)
It's got to be worth dropping the helmet manufacturer a line, to see if they'd consider adult sizing as well. That's so cute. ^_^

As for the gallery, I've barely ever used it, but recall it was rather a pain even then.. =:/ These days, I usually just host images myself, courtesy of timberwoof's server - gives me a connection I can just drag & drop files as with any other AppleShare mount.

Soul Seasoning has rather a gourmet succubus air to it, ne?

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