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A Day at the County Fair

(OMG, another post!  Two in the same day!)

The cattle competition.  The sheep, goats and pigs were on the side behind me, but the pens are so much smaller, all you can see are the railings.

The midway, deserted at this time of morning.

Bad weather was threatening all day.

Plush prizes!

Bear Affair

And of course, lots of farm equipment like this combine harvester.

Pictures of the animals coming in another post.


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Aug. 24th, 2014 01:16 am (UTC)
Hoo, that's a fairly apocalyptic looking Ferris Wheel scene! Really quite striking. (Or is it actually running at high speed?)

No buns as prizes? Aw!

Interestingly conical front to that harvester's "teeth" - I've only seen them with fairly flat prongs, more akin to bulldozers, just longer. There's been a variety of bales, too - some long bales, like extended cubes, whilst others are evidently rolled up. Wish I'd taken photos of one of the fields while they had theirs baled up, a few weeks ago, but I'm always wandering around with the 300mm on, and just never got around to it. =:/ Hey ho.
Aug. 25th, 2014 04:31 am (UTC)
The Ferris wheel wasn't running yet. The midway doesn't open until the evening. There were thunderstorms in the area that day, though it didn't actually rain while I was there. I tweaked the levels a bit in Lightroom to make the clouds look even more menacing.

That combine has been equipped with a corn head. The cones are to funnel the thick corn stalks into the cutters, which strip the ears from the stalks. The augur moves the ears into the center where they're pulled into the body of the combine to be husked and decobbed. The kernels go into a hopper and the stover is dropped back into the field. Wheat and soy are smaller, more delicate crops and require a different kind of head unit; modern combines are designed with interchangeable heads.
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