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Holy Family Shrine

I took some photos of the Holy Family Shrine about 4 years ago.  I've got a better camera now, and it was a nice day, so I figured I'd go and take some more pictures.

If you've ever driven I-80 from Lincoln to Omaha, you've probably seen the Holy Family Shrine.  It's clearly visible from the interstate and is very distinctive.

The entrance to the visitor center is set into the side of the hill.  It's meant to envoke the image of Christ's tomb.

They recently obtained this statue.  It's the first of a life-size Stations of the Cross.  It will eventually be installed somewhere outside once they get enough donations.

"PC LOAD LETTER"  What the fuck does that mean?

Water flows from the spiral and drips into the pool below.  The water flows down a small creek out the west door, down a walkway to the chapel, where it splits into two streams running along the pews, culminating in a small pool under the altar.  The spiral is supposed to represent the Holy Spirit.

Detail of a crucifix in the vistor center.

Along the walkway from the visitor center to the chapel is a small grotto with a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Front of the chapel.

The walls of the chapel are glass, giving a 270° view of the Platte River Valley.  Despite the interstate running just a few hundred yards away, the chapel is nearly silent.  The beams are western cedar and the floor is limestone.

Detail of the wooden beams.  The interweaving of the beams is supposed to represent stalks of wheat.

Candles in the corner.

Afixed to the rear wall is a large crucifix.

Back of the chapel.  Most visitors don't get this view.

Detail of the image in the glass.

Behind the chapel is a 45 foot crucifix spire made of cast bronze and stainless steel.

Detail of the giant crucifix.  One of these days, I should visit in the late evening when the sun is in front of the statue for better lighting.

The view from the shrine.
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