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Goat porn

That's a sheep...
And a male...
And that's his face....

I was outside with my camera and noticed one of our goats humping our ram.


Our 7 week old pygmy goat Roderic demonstrating the flehmen response.

(The flehmen response draws air into the vomeronasal organ, an auxiliary olfactory sense organ that is found in many animals.  This organ plays a role in the perception of certain scents and pheromones.)


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Oct. 30th, 2014 02:00 am (UTC)
You'd think they'd learn just by watching the buns. ^_^

Although, even that life isn't entirely free of problems, as I noticed last year, when one couple were *cough* commencing intimacy, only to have a youngster not just come up to them, but ram their nose right into it all. Quite a vigorous chase ensued. ^_^;
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