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The Blackhole...

For some reason, I seems to have wound up with 16 teaspoons, 8 dinner forks, 7 salad forks, and 6 tablespoons, all the same pattern. O_o



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Mar. 29th, 2005 06:55 am (UTC)
That would be quite a table setting.
Mar. 29th, 2005 09:38 am (UTC)
most of my forks match, but that's cause i get bags of forks that are all the same in the bags at biglots for 79 cents a bag for 51 forks :)that way i don;t have to wash forks every day so i get to throe them away after i use them :) hehe. as for real forks and spoons i don't think they all match the metal ones i have :) Ps those paper plates are nice too when i don't wanna wash a lot of plates too. so are foam cups like the plates use them and toss them away wheeeeee. I'm not lazy i just don't enjoy having to wash a lot of things in a greasy sink every day :) hum maybe i should get some of those playtex rubber gloves to wash things with like those old tv commercials so i don't get all wet and pruney in the dishwater if i worse those while washing the forks spoons butterknives plates pans etc hehe. too bad they don't make a cheap disposable pan too to cook food in. cause paper would make a bad pan to boil or fry etc food in and would just burst into flames taking all the food with it in the inferno that would ensue hehe. maybe i'm just getting old hehe i kid. hum i suppose if i had more money i could just get a dishwasher machine :) Ps did i mention i microwave most of the cooked food i make at home? then i can just toss the paper plate i heated the food up on and have no metal pans to wash latter after i eat muahahaaaaaa! hehe i kid. ps I always wash the metal forks as soon as i'm done eating that way there easer to wash and don't get hard stuff form on them which may make it harder to get them clean enough to eat with again :) ps sorry my reply post was so long i had not intended it to be that long when i started it .
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