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Cheap food! Yay!

Albertsons has Red Barron frozen French bread pizzas (or as they call them in Washington D.C., Freedom bread pizzas) $3.99 for 2 boxes of 2. That's less than $1 per pizza! Yay! They also still have the Celeste mini-pizzas 10 for $10.

And they've got Kraft grated cheese pouches $2 per 1/2 pound. Which isn't as good a price as the cheap stuff at Costco (which is like $12 for 5 pounds), but they've got several different flavors.



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Apr. 1st, 2005 07:26 am (UTC)
I wonder if the sale is going on at all abertsons stores. I'm going shopping tomorrow and i always buy like 6 $1 pizzas.
Apr. 2nd, 2005 11:28 am (UTC)
pizza yum
I should try some of that red barons pizza sounds yummy :) I haven't had a pizza delivered for a long time. Cause they cost a lot here to get delivery pizza but it's good at times. Ps i saw this page that calculate calories burned. one of the activities said hugging :) i enter 1 hr cause that was the smallest time i think it had on the calculator thingie and it said light hugging will burn 84 calories in 1 hr hehe. i was thinking if 1 hr of hugging didn't sound light :) they calculated it based on age and me 180 pounds entered. it had a bunch of other stuff there too in the activities list on it.
it even said how much calories are burned in 12 hr's on the computer typing stuff. i do that some days. but i forgot to write down how many it said. it even had tawdry doing listed as exercise in the calculator. sometimes i don't feel like a lot of strenuous stuff like running so i was looking at the lighter exercise stuff hehe. little things i may do every day anyways but never really consider it exercise. it even had sleeping listed so i put 8 hr's what they say we need to get and it said 604 calories in 8 hr wow i didn't think i burned that much sleeping at night :) it even had going to the store listed as exercise activity. i never herd of hugging being listed as an exercise activity :) heres a link


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