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Warwalking Survey II

After scanning the WiFi Access Points located around the office complex where I work, I decided to try the same thing at home. I walked up and down the street, which is about 325 meters long and located in stereotypical 1960's suburbia, using my PDA's wireless and a copy of WiFiFoFum. The results were even scarier.

Number of Access Points scanned: 10
AP's not using encryption: 8
AP's on the default channel 6: 5
AP's on a non-standard channel*: 1
AP's using a default SSID: 7
AP's using the SSID "linksys": 3

*Non-standard channel = Anything other than 1, 6 and 11, the only 3 channels that do not suffer frequency overlap.
Tags: dumb users, geekery
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