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Spring cleaning

Spent several hours today cleaning up the kitchen/dining room.

To support my grandmother's Tupperware habit, my grandfather had built this large wooden cabinet, which was partially blocking the patio door and was a terrible eyesore.

Tupperware is useless stuff, since it's not microwavable, so I have been working on getting rid of it all. The only problem is the garbage company only provides 1 64 gallon can for recyclables (which Tupperware isn't), and 1 96 gallon can for general garbage. Anything more than that and they charge and arm and a leg. So cleaning up all the garbage that my grandmother had accumulated over the years has been taking a very long time.

I finally managed to get rid of all the tupperware (THREE 96-gallon cans worth! WTF!), and today moved around the last few items and shoved the cabinet out the door. Then I had to vaccum and mop the floor, because the cabinet hadn't been moved in years.

WOW. The kitchen/dining room is SOOO much more open now without this monolith in the middle of the room. I still need to get rid of the dishwashing machine, and find a small, TASTEFUL cabinet to put the blender and other small appliances on.

The hard part is how to get rid of all this stuff. I've got an old dishwasher, refridgerator, several cabinets, some exercise equipment, a broken recliner, and assorted other items I'd like to get rid of, but the garbage company wants a small fortune to pick these items up ($25-50 each!) I've tried to give them to the Salvation Army, but they TWICE never bothered to show up. I've thought about a yard sale, but I don't know if anyone would actually pay for any of these items. I think the local paper will allow you to take out a classified ad for free if you're just giving stuff away, so maybe I'll do that. Or I may take an axe to the cabinet and recliner and try to fit them into the garbage cans.
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