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Weird weather

Only a few days ago it was snowing back east. Here in San Diego, it's raining again. We normally don't get rain this late in the season, our rainy season is usually during the winter, and here it is a couple days from May! Checking the National Weather Service, there are SNOW advisories for the mountains of Riverside County! SNOW! In Southern California! IN (almost) MAY!!!

This has been the 3rd wettest rain year on record in San Diego, 21.84 inches so far. #2 was 1940 (24.74 inches) and #1 was 1883 (25.97 inches). If we get just 4-1/4 more inches of rain before June 30th, we'll break the record. This year was also the first year since record keeping began in 1850 that 4 or more inches of rain fell in 4 separate months. (The previous record was 3 separate months in 1940)

This was an El Niño year, but it was a fairly weak one, with a maximum average ocean temperature of only 0.9C above normal (in contrast, 1982 was 2.3C above normal, temperature anomalies above 0.5C for 5 consecutive measuring periods are necessary to declare an El Niño). So if it's not the El Niño, what's causing all this crazy weather?
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