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My first employee evaluation is coming up Monday. I have to fill out a self-evaluation form. I hate these forms.

Got my InnoPocket magnesium hard case for my Dell PDA. Fits like a glove, it's actually slimmer than the cloth case that the PDA came with, and it nicely protects the screen. The case also makes it hard to accidentally hit to "record" button, which switches the unit on.

Got an e-mail from Comic Con International. Looks like I've been approved for a small press table again this year. Unfortunately, the person who sent out the e-mail with the BOE paperwork put his entire e-mail list on the To: line, which means I'm probably going to be flooded with viruses now. Great.

Almost forgot to eat today. My blood sugar level got low enough I started feeling woozy. Time for some chocolate. :/


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May. 12th, 2005 06:01 am (UTC)
I've herd chocolate can make affect brain by causing the release of certain neurotransmitters. Happy neurotransmitters like endorphins and other opiates that reduce stress and sometimes make feelings of euphoria. I dunno about that euphoria part in my own chocolate experiences but i think it may help reduce stress. or maybe just cause it taste good. i also herd somewhere once that someone called chocolate a comfort food. that makes us feel better. is that why i

always see those people eat a big box of chocolate ice cream when bad things happened to them :)? maybe i should try that i haven't had any ice cream in a long time now.but i get different kinds of chocolate sometimes in the form of those chocolate stars or m& m's or milky ways or that dark milky way bars what do they call those i forgot a midnight bar or something? any ways those are just a few of the chocolate i find myself eating now and then and they may help a little but i don't eat too much in one day.gee maybe i should try that ice

cream think like people do on TV when bad things happen. I wonder what a good brand is that has the right kinds of chocolate to best release my happy neurotransmitters :)? I wonder if that's sorta what rl cats have happen to them when they have catnip? Hehe. Too bad it doesn't affect humans too catnip. Cause I have some tea like that around the house. I forgot where I herd chocolate was a comfort food but heres a page I found that mentioned the happy brain feelings and happy neurotransmitters that chocolate affects :) Ps if chocolate is so good

for stress why hasn't anyone thought of a chocolate pill to take :)? Oh yea I almost for got to show that URL hehe here it is.

gee now i have a craving for some chocolate good thing i just got some chocolate stars in my bulk candy i got at the store in the night :) ps a minkyway bar would be a neat name for a furry candy bar :) hehe.
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