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Made lots of friends at work in the past couple days.

I swiped a 17" monitor from the desk of a contractor who hadn't been into the office in months and gave it to the senior sales guy.

I took the desktop from someone who now has a laptop and gave it to the office manager who was using an older machine.

I took the practically new computer from the service area (a machine that hardly anyone uses), and gave it to the receptionist who was struggling along with a Celeron 500 MHz.

And I brought in some ancient PC-100 RAM and a PIII-700 (still shrink-wrapped!) from home and used them to upgrade one of the Senior Estimator's computers.

The ancient Celeron is going to have Ubuntu installed on it and will be put out for the service techs to kick around. And the old office manager's computer (A P4 1.4-ish) will go to the new receptionist when the current receptionist gets promoted. Yay for recycling!



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May. 20th, 2005 08:23 am (UTC)
The IT manager asked me the other day if I wanted a 'spare' Philips P200 20" LCD...
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