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Califur Day One

I drove up to Califur this morning. I figured I'd save some money by commuting each day instead of staying at the hotel. It's about a 1 hour drive each way.

Registration was a MESS. I was the first person in line, and it took nearly 15 minutes to get my badge.

Rule #1 for convention registration: DO NOT try to laminate everyone's badges on-site! Dealers and pre-reg badges should be assembled in advance. Assembling and laminating a badge takes about 2 minutes. When you have 50 people in line....

The dealer's room was small. VERY small. There were only two comic book publishers there, myself and Jarlidium Press. A large proportion of the tables were people selling "stuff" (i.e. books, jewlry, leather goods, etc, as opposed to art or comics).

Sales were utterly pittiful. I don't think I even made gas money.

I spent a large part of the day playing video games. A large crowd gathered around when I was playing Postal 2. I guess most people have never seen a game with just over the top violence before.

After 8 hours sitting in that awful chair, my back was killing me, and I was feeling very tired and a bit anti-social, so I decided to head home.

Time for bed now, I have to get up at about 6:30 to repeat it all tomorrow.


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May. 21st, 2005 06:20 am (UTC)
And so many people are crying about not going =P You publish comic books?
PS. Next FC we need to hang out, Saw your car there this year ^^
Jun. 15th, 2005 12:09 pm (UTC)
seriously, that con was just... devoid of essential "fun times" It was my first time as a dealer, and it really sucks when you just sit in the room with no one looking through your stuff that you could at least, TALK to. Makes me have SERIOUS apprehensions about being a dealer for the next con. POOR poor management made no one really want to go through the ACTUAL con, they rather hung out with friends elsewhere, and I dont blame em. anyway, I remember liking your stuff when I saw it browsing around, THAT was good times. later.
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