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I went out pricing carpet for the master bedroom. The cheapest, crappiest carpet I could find will cost at least $300 to have installed. A nice carpet, similar to what is currently in the room, will run almost $600, just for one bedroom (18 square yards).

But before I can have new carpet put in, I'll need to paint the room. I'm hoping I can get started on that today, but I've still got stuff to rearainge in the living room, so I probably won't get started until tomorrow.

Earlier this week, my grandmother was moved from her old studio apartment in the "assisted living" area into the "Life's Neighborhood" area (for patients who require greater supervision. The new apartment is smaller, so there wasn't room for her sofa so I was originally going to borrow a truck from work to move it home, but they called me and told me they could deliver the soda for free. I should have picked it up myself, because it arrived in a landscaping trailer, the sides all scratched up and the underside completely torn out. This WAS a very expensive leather sofa, now it's all beat to hell. Thanks guys. It's still nicer than the Blue Behemoth that was in my living room.

I have SOOOO much stuff I need to get rid of. If there is anyone in the So. Cal. area who could use a large sectional sofa, a recliner that needs some repair work, a 30-year old portable dishwasher, a refridgerator/freezer with ice and water in the door, a very large wheeled storage cabinet or a treadmill, let me know.
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