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Back to square one

After moving the huge blue sectional out into the garage, moving in the even heavier (but smaller) leather sofa and setting up the coffee table and end tables, I realized that this really wouldn't work. The leather sofa is softer, but it's shorter and narrower, and after sitting on it for an hour, my back was starting to hurt. Plus the leather would get awfully sticky, even though this wasn't a very hot day. And I really couldn't use my laptop while sitting there, it just wasn't very comfortable.

So I dragged the leather sofa back out the the garage, dragged the blue sectional back into the house, and worked on setting up my laptop. This is much better. Probably not as nice looking at the leather sofa, and not as comfortable as the (now broken) recliner. But hey, it works.

The biggest problem with this arrangement is the lack of end tables or places to put remotes and stuff.
Tags: annoyances, home improvement
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