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Keys... In... Space....

A few weeks back, I got fed up with my wireless keyboard dropping keystrokes so I tossed it across the room. Naturally, the keys exploded everywhere. I managed to quickly corral most of the lost keys, all except one, naturally, the largest and most important, the space bar.

Over the next few weeks, I turned the living room upside down trying to find it. Now, the space bar is the biggest key on a standard keyboard. How the heck could it disappear so completely? I was beginning to wonder if I'd discovered some exception to the Law of Conservation of Mass.

I even started looking in utterly improbable places, like behind books on the shelves and in other rooms. Still nothing. Finally I looked in the most unlikely place of all, and, naturally, the hardest place to get to, behind a very large and very heavy bookcase. And there it was.

I still cannot figure out how it got there, as the trajectory necessary could only be possible with the use of rockets. But there it was. It somehow managed to launch itself up and over a 7 foot tall, glass front book case.



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Jun. 7th, 2005 07:31 am (UTC)
The space-bar is spring loaded. Space springs!
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