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Some numbers on Iraq....

2,594,000 US soldiers served in Vietnam. 211,512 total casualties, 8.1% of all who served. 153,303 (5.9%) were wounded, 58,209 (2.2%) were killed, with 47,424 (1.8%) deaths from enemy action. 81.5% of deaths were from combat, 72.5% of casualties survived.

1,789,000 US soldiers served in Korea. 139,858 total casualties, 7.8% of all who served 103,284 (5.8%) were wounded, 36,574 (2.0%) were killed, with 33,741 (1.9%) deaths from enemy action. 92.3% of deaths were from combat, 73.8% of casualties survived.

16,112,566 US soldiers served in WWII. 1,077,245 total casualties, 6.7% of all who served. 671,846 (4.2%) were wounded, 405,399 (2.5%) were killed, with 291,557 (1.8%) deaths from enemy action. 71.9% of deaths were from combat, 62.4% of casualties survived

Approximately 130,000 US soldiers have been deployed in Iraqi since Bush declared "victory". Since then, there have been 13,845 total casualties, or 10.7% of all who served. 12,319 (9.5%) have been wounded, 1,526 (1.2%) have been killed, with 1,161 (0.8%) deaths from enemy action. 76.1% of deaths are from combat, 89.0% of casualties survive.

So the actual death rate is lower, but the wounded rate is MUCH higher than the past 3 wars. The main reason the death rate is lower is probably because of improvements in medicine and patient transport, as evidenced by the 89% survival rate vs. 73% in Vietnam and 62% in WWII.
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