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A to Z of Me!

A - Age: 31

B - Best feature: I'm told I have a cute butt.  ;-)

C - Car I first owned: 93 Chevy Caprice Classic

D - Depeche Mode song: Huh?

E - Easiest person to talk to: Animale

F - Farthest from home that I've traveled: Honolulu

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Gummy Rats!

H - (Real) hair color: Brown

I - Instruments: Hand Bells (really!)

J - Jellybean flavor: Liquorice!

K - Kids: None

L - Longest car ride ever: Round trip from San Diego to Roswell, NM

M - Mom's name: Debi

N - Name that was almost given to me: ?

O - Oldest living relative: Great Uncle Robert

P - Phobia[s]: spiders

Q - Favorite Quote:  A daimen icker in a thrave 's a sma' request; I'll get a bessin' wi' the lave, an' never miss't!  (An odd ear of corn in a bushel is a small request; I'll get a blessing with the rest and never miss it) -- Robert Burns "To A Mouse"

R - Reason to smile: Soft fluffy bunnies!

S - Song I sang last: "Pinball Wizard" by the Who

T - Time I wake up:  Working:  6:00 am.   Not working:  9:00 am

U - Unknown fact about me:  My grandfather was one of the top sharpshooters in the entire Marine Corps during the Korean War.

V - Vegetable I hate: Lima Beans.   Ick!

W - Worst habit: Not doing the dishes every night.

X - X-rays I've had: Chest, knee, foot, hand, head.

Y - Yummy food: Anything with cheese.

Z - Zodiac sign: Virgo

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