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So Sirius

I just got billed for the next year's worth of Sirius satellite radio. For some strange reason, they only charged me $116.55. The normal annual charge is $142.45. Maybe I get a discount because I was one of their very first customers? (My radio was a fluke, the local Tweeter got two demo units about 6 months before the official rollout, and one of the salesmen knew I wanted one, so they sold it to me. Bleeding edge! Woohoo!)

I'm kind of thinking of buying a Sirius home unit and then ditching cable TV. I still have a 30 foot aerial mast on the roof, I think I just need to replace the rotator (about $100). I live almost halfway between LA and San Diego, so I could always get stations from both cities (back when the rotator still worked).

About the only thing I watch on TV anymore is FOX (D'OH!), which I could get using the aerial. I find I much prefer the radio dramas on Sirius than just anything on cable TV. I think the only thing I'd miss from cable would be the History Channel. And the $45 a month cable bill.
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