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Here we go again

My grandmother went into the emergency room again this afternoon. I spent over 3 hours there, but when they said it would take at least another 1-1/2 hours before they could even start the tests, I bailed to go get some food and recharge my Pocket PC.

I'll head back over in a couple hours or so. (90 minutes hospital time translates to at least 3 hours real time)

Odds are I'm going to be over there most of the night. I don't know how I'm going to get her back to the nursing home, she's so weak she could barely get out of her wheelchair a couple weeks ago when I last tried to take her to the doctor. She's doing nothing to try to help herself.

All in all, it really would be a good thing if she passed away soon. It would put her out of her own misery, and the inheritance would benefit everyone in the family. I'd own 30% of this house, so it would be fairly easy to get a loan for the rest. My mother would have enough to pay off her student loans and buy a house (in a state other than California), and it would give my recently divorced 55-something year old aunt a nice retirement fund.

Terrible thing to say, I know, but my grandmother was never really a nice person. My grandfather only stayed with her because he felt obligated to take care of her, and I've taken care of her mostly out of respect for my grandfather. I never had the kind of close relationship with her that I had with him. In fact, most of her children moved out of state to get away from her, with only my mother remaining anywhere nearby (about 100 miles away).

When my grandfather passed away, the world lost a great man.
When my grandmother passes away, the world won't even notice.
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