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For the past two days, I've been eating almost nothing but pasta (trying clean out the cupboards some and save as much money as possible for Comic-Con next week).

Last night I was feeling terribly constipated, which is really unusual for me.  So unusual, in fact, I have NEVER used any sort of laxative.  Then I remembered there was a small box of Phillips Soft-Chews that I'd bought over a year ago for my grandfather.  I hunted around for it, and sure enough, there were a few pieces left, but they had expired in February.   Never one to bother with medicine expiration dates unless they are WAY out of date, I decided to try it any way.

The instructions said to take 2-4 pieces for "gentle overnight relief."  I'm a fairly large person, and am generally pretty resistant to most medicines, so I ate 4 pieces.

Big mistake.

This morning the constipation was gone, sure enough.  Only now my intestines had been put into a blender set on 'liquefy'.   Ooog.   I had to go to work, so I took a small dose of anti-diarrhea medicine to (hopefully) counteract the extreme effects of the laxative.  I'm also feeling rather dehydrated from the diarrhea.

"Gentle overnight relief", yeah right.

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