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Comic-Con International: San Diego

For the first time since 1996, I will not be attending Comic-Con the full 5 days and spending the whole time trapped behind a dealer's table.

I'm also not planning on driving, I'll be taking the Coaster. Unfortunately, because of the craptastic weekend Coaster schedule (only 6 trains Saturday, and none at all Sunday), I won't be able to go Saturday or Sunday, and since payday is Friday, I couldn't go Thursday.

So tomorrow morning, I'll drive over to the Coaster station in Oceanside, park in the commuter lot there, and take the train all the way down. There's a handy shuttle bus to and from the convention center, so I won't even have to walk the extra 3/4 mile. It'll cost about $10.50 round trip, but parking at the convention center alone is $8 (or possibly more this year)

I plan on making two sweeps of the convention center, one end to the other and back. I plan on trying to carefully examine each and every booth this year. And when I finish, I'll probably head home. I won't be attending the furry party on Saturday, because there would be no way for me to get home via the train (the last Coaster leaves at 6:45 pm, there's probably a later Amtrak, but they cost a LOT more)

I've offered my table space to Califur, so if you haven't already signed up for next year, drop by Small Press table S2.

I won't be purchasing a dealer's table for next year. It's just gotten WAY too expensive. It was $200 this year for a "fan press" table, with a maximum print run of 350. I think the convention is deliberately trying to push the small press out so they can sell more $1500 booths. Small Press was once a sizeable section of the convention, now it's been whittled down to an area smaller than some of the movie studio spaces.

Fortunately, I qualify for Pro status, so I'll still be attending next year, just not as a dealer.
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