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Our primary copier/printer/fax machine ran out of toner, and whoever used the last cartridge never told anyone, so the machine is down until the supplier can get some new carts out here.

Which means no one can print from this machine, no one can copy from this machine, and any incoming faxes cannot be printed. There is a second laser printer/copier in the office, so people can continue to do their work. But that machine was never properly wired up to recieve faxes.

However, having had trouble with these Canon printers before, I've got a spare fax machine sitting around for just such emergencies. It's a cheapo inkjet Canon Faxphone, a real piece of junk, but it's better than nothing.

I dug it up and moved the phone cable from the big Canon to the little one. That way any incoming faxes can still be printed without delay. Then I made a sign warning people that the printer was out of toner and taped it to the printer.

That was yesterday.

I came in this morning and noticed there were no faxes. At all. Nothing had been recieved lately. Which is really unusual, because most people here are REALLY lazy about picking up their faxes, they usually sit on the printer or in the INCOMING FAX box until the receptionist or someone distributes them out.

So I check to make sure the little fax machine was still plugged in. Nope. Someone unplugged the Faxphone and plugged the phone cable back into the big printer, which now has a whole queue of unprintable faxes. Brilliant.
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