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XO is the suxXOrs

For the past couple weeks here at work, we've been having trouble with users randomly being unable to connect to the mail server (which is handled by the ISP, XO Communications). I called them up and was told the problem was on our end, so I did some packet sniffing and saw that, no, the problem was on their end, so I called them up again. This time they admitted there was a problem with the server, and they were "working on it". That was last night. This morning, yeah, nobody is getting connection errors anymore. Unfortunately, nobody is getting any e-mail either. So I call XO again (each call usually results in my being on hold for 30-45 minutes!), and so far, I've gotten a recording that e-mail users 'may' experience problems. But I'm still waiting on hold because I want to know what the ETA is on this. I've got people breathing down my neck on this, there's no way in hell I'm going to accept the word of a recording.
Tags: stupidity, work

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