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I drove over to Fry's today to pick up some equipment for work. Among the items I purchased was a rechargeable wireless mouse, normally $15 but this was an open box item, so it was $9.50. I've gotten burned on open box items before, but it's just a mouse, what could possibly go wrong?

I get back to the office, and start hooking up the mouse. I noticed that it felt odd... extremely light. I've used lots of wireless mice before, both AAA and rechargeable, and they're always extremely heavy. But this one was much too light. Lighter than most wired mice. I started looking it over, and found the battery door. Empty. The rechargeable batteries were missing.

So I drive all the way back over to Fry's to exchange it. I tell the employee that the battery is missing, and point out on the package where it says it's supposed to be included.

And the guy slaps a Return To Shelf sticker on it! So some other poor schmuck is going to get the SAME mouse with missing batteries. I guess they'll keep putting it out on the shelf until someone comes along stupid enough not to read the package and thinks he needs to supply his own batteries.

I couldn't believe this. I'm absolutely dumbstruck by it. I could maybe understand them putting a possibly defective router back on the shelf, but putting something with blatantly obvious missing pieces back? Without putting any kind of notice on the box that parts are missing? That is just down right FRAUD!


Aug. 9th, 2005 01:23 pm (UTC)
No.. fraud is this.

They had a sale on Plextor drives and the drives were all in boxes and looked the same. I grab one and head to the counter. The drive is supposed to be $75.99. I didn't get the specs. She rings it up and says..

That's $149.99.

WHAT? Are you on crack? No..fuck this and fuck you. And walked out but not before telling the manager what happened and he "supposedly" had those drives moved. So what did I do?

I went online and bought a 16x DVD-RW Drive... a Pioneer.. for $47.19

Take that fry's.